Various (personal) projects I have been involved in over the years.

  • The moderator Toolbox extensions for reddit. One of these accidentally successful open source projects. In it's heyday, the extension was in active use by over 25.000 moderators on reddit. Unfortunately, my involved has ended in 2023.
  • readReddit. A neat little extension that made reading long form text content on reddit much more enjoyable.
  • The /r/history discord server, while no longer active on reddit I am still active on discord. The history community that has grown there over the years is truly awesome.
  • Defunct: discordIRCd. A long time ago I was one of those people who stubbornly tried to keep using IRC and IRC alone while everyone was already on discord. This project was my attempt to create a bridge between IRC and discord servers and it actually did work fairly well for basic text. For things like reactions, response, etc it did not work as well. This combined with Discord being actively hostile towards third party clients made me archive the project.